I've MOVED...Come and find out where...




In the Furniture garden

Past few weeks were very busy and very inspiring at the same time. Apart from all the exhibitions, events, visiting hundreds of stands at the fair and seeing many many MANY furniture during Milan design week it's the perfect time to explore the city and get the chance to enter to secret gardens of Milan. I love the location where Paola Lenti has exhibited their new products, they transformed courtyards that are already so beautiful into gardens from heaven with their textured furniture and very successful landscape designing.

Pleated in the Wind

(Issey Miyake pleated skirt, American Apparel pleated skirt, H&M leather jacket)

Here I am wearing long skirt during Paris fashion week, you'll remember as I've mentioned it before that I've wanted to wear maxi skirt during fashion week too* but I wasn't sure if I could wear it, working while wearing maxi isn't very practical and I was afraid I would have step on it and fell. Turns out I was afraid for nothing! Survived without any kind of embarrassment, specially shooting during the show in Tuileries wasn't so easy but still nothing happened. Other than I was getting my pictures taking while I had to take pictures. :)
Wind factor helped to create some entertaining scenes, and as if wind wasn't enough I was told to spin around for photos**! I don't know where all the other photos will be published but I have few that I can show you with my double skirt look.

*I love it, I think it has a very romantic look!
**I had fun but I was a little embarrassed!

Kisses ;)

Outfit | Milan Fashion Week Day #1

(H&M coat, Max&Co jumper, Zara jeans, Zara boots, Prada clutch bag, Accessories; Asos, H&M, Nixon)
Photo Credit: Joris Bruring


(Warehouse feather jacket, Wool&Velvet Jumper, H&M pants, United Nude booties, Miu Miu shoes)

Busy taking photos and fighting with the cold-wind I couldn't show you what I was wearing last few days. It was milder than this but finally after very freezing Saturday I was decided to stay warm no matter what. I wore many layers...And barely survived. ;) Don't forget to check Street TONIC to see looks form New York Fashion Week...
Kisses ;)

New York..New York.....

I can't explain how happy and excited I am to be able to go to NY one more time. This time not for holiday but to work! And to do a work that I enjoy doing so much! So it's still a pleasure :)
Come back for updates. I'll do my best to post frequently here and on 'Street TONIC'!!

Kisses ;-)

Look of the day | Cape Fever

(Knit cape from Wool&Velvet, Belt from Fendi, Wedges from Alexander Wang)

This is one of my favorite cape top/dress. I got it made by a dear friend who designs and makes knitted accessories and clothing! Recently she've asked me to model her creations for her web shop. If you follow the link above you'll find her amazing creations. She was kind enough to give me as a gift a selection of pieces that I liked. I adore all of them.
I like to wear cape's with a belt if possible so it shows the figure a bit better. And this cape top/dress is just perfect to wear with a belt. And I love the colour!
Thank you Wool&Velvet!!!